Instachallenge 2019 is on its way… #ILoveMyBiz2019

How to take part in our Instachallenge 2019

It’s all about falling back in love with your freelance career, small business or consultancy. It’s about reminding people of the things you’re great at and, perhaps, overcoming some shyness about being visible online. Search for #ILoveMyBiz2019 on Instagram.

The challenge runs for 14 days, so there are 14 mini-challenges, as follows…

Monday, Jan 7th 2019:
Monday’s task is simple. We’ll all be posting a picture or video to introduce or re-introduce ourselves to our followers, answering the questions ‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I do?’ and ‘Why do I love what I do?’. Use the hashtag #ILoveMyBiz2019

Tuesday, Jan 8th 2019:
Today, your post – photo or video – tells us a bit about what problems you solve through your work. eg An eco outlet could post a pic showing something made from recycled materials, with a caption such as ‘Our cool flip-flops are made from recycled plastic, cleared from Indian Ocean beaches. Comfy, colourful and good for Mother Earth too’. Got it? Don’t forget the hashtag #ILoveMyBiz2019

Wednesday, Jan 9th 2019:
Where do you work? That’s your inspiration for today’s post. Stick #ILoveMyBiz2019 on it too

Thursday, Jan 10th 2019:
Today’s post looks to the immediate future – a picture or video that says something about what your clients can expect from you in the year ahead. eg If you’re launching something new, you could tease us all with a bit of a sketch. Don’t forget to use that #ILoveMyBiz2019 hashtag

Friday, Jan 11th 2019:
Today’s your chance to promote any special offers, packages or deals – a photo, a video, a pic of some words, whatever you want on Instagram. And if you haven’t got a deal to promote, feel free to promote someone else’s. Slap that #ILoveMyBiz2019 hashtag on your post as well

Saturday, Jan 12th 2019:
Your inspiration for today’s post is ‘How do I recharge my batteries?’. Use the hashtag #ILoveMyBiz2019

Sunday, Jan 13th 2019:
Today’s post is an Instagram favourite – food and drink. Could be a café, a place you eat home-made sandwiches, anything that hints at the part comestibles play in your life. Don’t forget the #ILoveMyBiz2019 hashtag

Monday, Jan 14th 2019:
Today, you get a choice. Either post a testimonial you’ve received, or you could give a creative shout-out to one of your clients (with appropriate permissions!). Remember, you can be as creative as you want – and use the #ILoveMyBiz2019 hashtag

Tuesday, Jan 15th 2019:
This Tuesday is about leaving your comfort zone. Use your Instagram post to tell us about or hint at something you’d like to do but are nervous about. And if you’re nervous about posting a video, this might be the time… Remember to tag the post with #ILoveMyBiz2019

Wednesday, Jan 16th 2019:
How can we find you? Today’s post should be about how customers can contact you, but try to be a bit creative about it – it’s Instagram, after all, and the world of photos and videos is yours to play with. Don’t forget the #ILoveMyBiz2019 hashtag

Thursday, Jan 17th 2019:
You (almost) get a day off today. Post one of your favourite photos and tell us something about it or the person who took it. And use the hashtag #ILoveMyBiz2019

Friday, Jan 18th 2019:
Focus on a piece of clothing that you like to wear when you’re working. Remember the #ILoveMyBiz2019 hashtag

Saturday, Jan 19th 2019:
Today’s challenge is all about animals – your own, your neighbour’s, a bird in the garden, whatever you like. Pop the hashtag #ILoveMyBiz2019 on your Instagram post

Sunday, Jan 20th 2019:
It’s the last day of the Instachallenge 2019, so look back at the #ILoveMyBiz2019 posts and screengrab one you particularly like – your own or someone else’s. Tell us a little about why it’s a favourite, and pop the #ILoveMyBiz2019 hashtag on your post as well. Congratulations, you’ve now done 14 Instagram posts that you wouldn’t otherwise have created, and brought your business to a few more eyes – stick with it :-)